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Out-of-School Young Adult Services

Services for Young Adults Transitioning to Employment

The CDC provides a variety of services for young adults who have begun their adult lives, with the goal of assisting them in becoming successful, independent members of their communities.

Some of these services include: Vocational Evaluation, Community Based Work Experience, Summer Work, Job Development, Job Placement, Job Retention, Time Limited Job Coaching, a Job Preparation Program, and Externships.

Vocational Evaluation

Vocational Evaluation is a comprehensive combination of interest and aptitude testing using a variety of tools and methods in order to inform vocational planning.  It includes a 20 hour work assessment in the community designed to assist in the selection of a vocational goal by identifying interests, strengths, abilities, aptitudes, functional limitations, and potential accommodations or needed support services.

Community Based Work Experience (CBWE)

This service occurs in an integrated, competitive employment setting to provide vocationally relevant planning information for young adults with disabilities. Individuals are placed in a community based work setting in order to try out one or more different types of work; explore careers of interest; assess work habits, work tolerance, interpersonal skills, and behaviors; and identify needed supports. Participants are paid minimum wage for the hours worked and the length of a CBWE can vary, but is typically a total of 40 hours.

Employment Services

The CDC assists exited youth with obtaining and maintaining employment in an area directly related to their agreed upon vocational goal, as part of their Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) with ORS. CDC Employment Specialists assist young adults with job seeking skills such as creating resumes, drafting cover letters, completing applications, interviewing skills, and following up with potential job leads. Once employed, young adults are also provided with services to assist in learning and mastering assigned tasks, acclimating to the work environment, and maintaining employment.

Summer Work

Summer Work offers young adults the opportunity to experience first hand the world of work.  This is a five days per week, 20 hours per week program where participants are placed at one integrated worksite in the community for a total of five weeks.  Participants are paid minimum wage for the hours worked. Additionally, the program exposes individuals to an overview of public transportation and various work readiness topics.

Time Limited Job Coaching

Time Limited Job Coaching is a support service for employed individuals who may need job coaching supports to maintain employment beyond the initial orientation to the job. Job Coaching is typically provided for three to six months, but may be extended in some circumstances.

Job Preparation Program

The Job Preparation Program is a four-week work readiness and preparation program that is intended to prepare participants for a job. Topics covered in Job Preparation include job seeking skills, completion of applications, interviewing skills, resume/work history issues, work habits, and work relationships. After the initial four weeks, the individual may have the opportunity to practice learned skills through a stipend paid work experience (Externship) that may or may not lead to permanent employment.


This service typically follows the completion of the Job Preparation Program. Externship is designed to offer employers the opportunity to test the individual in a potential position prior to extending an offer of permanent employment. The Externship Program also enables participants to demonstrate the skills learned through the Job Preparation Program while providing an opportunity to assess areas of strength and areas of needed support. Participants in externships are compensated for their work at the prevailing minimum wage.

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