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Special Education Services

Special Education Services Provided by West Bay Collaborative

As a non-profit educational service agency, West Bay Collaborative is able to provide individualized, group, or system-wide programs and related services, usually at a significant cost savings to our clients. Currently, these services include physical therapists, physical therapy assistants (PTAs), and behavior specialists.

Our physical therapists and PTAs work closely with district teams to provide quality physical therapy for individuals, small groups, and district wide.

Behavioral specialists work extensively with students at risk, and we train our own staff in a variety of de-escalation and crisis prevention techniques.  As a result, we are frequently asked to provide temporary or full-year behavioral specialists for students with unique social/emotional needs in districts across the state.

West Bay Collaborative is able to design programs that meet the specific needs of individual students or a groups of students, in off-site or in-district settings.

    One-to-One Assistance

    Often, a short-term one-to-one assistant of this sort is all a student needs to become settled into a new learning environment and improve their ability to positively engage with teachers and peers, thus saving the district the significant costs of private therapeutic placements. Our certified special education teachers, social workers, lead behavior specialists and administrators are also available to observe problematic situations, and advise on possible solutions.



    • Physical Therapist
    • Physical Therapy Assistants
    • Behavioral Specialists
    • Program Consultants
    • Occupational Therapist

    Special Education Services Contact Information

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