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ALP Grades 6-12

The Alternative Learning Program Upper School for Middle & High School Students

West Bay Collaborative Upper School is an alternative learning program that serves students with academic, social/emotional, and behavioral needs from grades 6 through 12. The Upper School allows students to engage in personalized learning in a responsive and supportive environment that celebrates student successes. The program supports both short and long-term academic placements.

Our small school campus provides low teacher to student ratios and provides content instruction by highly qualified secondary content teachers. Students also receive specialized instruction that is provided by a certified special education teacher in a structured, attentive learning environment. School-based social/ emotional and behavioral supports are provided to all students, lead by our Clinical Social Worker and supported by our behavior specialists. Our blended learning approach enables students to engage in direct instruction as well as online learning experiences aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Social Emotional Learning is embedded within the school program.

Students work toward graduation and a high school diploma from their home school with individualized support to attain the graduation requirements of their sending districts.

Staff members at the Upper School work with students individually to ensure that their social, emotional, and academic needs are met in order to prepare them to move on to their post-school goals.

Students are provided opportunities to:

  • Receive marketable certifications
  • Engage in pre-employment services
  • Obtain part-time employment while in high school
  • Explore higher education
  • Explore vocational training programs
  • Tour local businesses
  • Tour local colleges and universities
  • Take dual enrollment courses at local universities
  • Become more involved in their communities

In short, West Bay Alternative Learning Program provides a safe, therapeutic environment in which each individual student’s academic and social/emotional needs may be addressed.


  • Students are grouped for instruction by age and skill level, not only by grade levels.
  • Instruction is frequently individualized, and includes 1:1 time with licensed teachers.
  • Classes are small, and provide attention to individual students.
  • Curriculum is based on The Common Core State Standards, and parallels districts’ requirements.
  • Students graduate with a district diploma, and may take additional years to complete their work if needed.
  • Students who have completed most of their graduation requirements may enroll at CCRI and begin college level work while still at West Bay.
  • Instruction is multi-disciplinary, with teachers across the subject areas teaching to a common theme, and utilizing hands-on and active learning methods.
  • Students have access to state-of-the-art technology, including Chromebooks and ClearTouch screens in all classrooms.

WBC Upper School Staff

The staff at the West Bay Collaborative consists of the following:

  • Special Education Director/Upper School Administrator
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Behavior Specialists/Teacher Assistants
  • Highly Qualified Secondary Certified Teachers in:
    • English Language Arts
    • Science
    • Math
    • History
    • Special Education
    • Physical Education/Health

In collaboration with state agencies, community partners and local post-secondary programs, students in our Upper School participate in individually focused and coordinated activities in a wide variety of settings designed to assist them to achieve their post-high school goals which may include:

  • Post-secondary education
  • Vocational education
  • Employment
  • Community engagement
  • Independent living

Students participate in:

  • Career exploration
  • Development of employment skills
  • Development of independent living skills
  • Community-based learning experiences


I’d like to say how wonderful all the staff is and how much you helped my son grow and believe in himself. You all go above and beyond for my son.

Parent of Upper School Student


I was a student at West Bay for 3.5 years.  The first few months I was on the honor roll and then I decided to become lazy. That’s when the staff and teachers really put hard work in and wanted me to succeed. Some kids go to West Bay because they misbehave but some also go for the smaller group setting. Some kids have social anxiety as do I. The teachers there are very attentive to student’s needs and will help them succeed but the student does have to pitch in a bit.

Upper School Student


West Bay Collaborative is a place that adapts to the way you learn – there’s always someone to back you at every step.  It’s like a second family.

Upper School Student


The school is pretty cool.  I changed myself, but the staff gave me a lot of information and helped me.

Upper School Student

April Seppala
Program Administrator
Phone: (401) 734-3442
Cell: (401) 261-2340
Fax: (401) 734-3443

Brian Johnson
Lead Behavior Specialist

Phone: (401) 734-3440

Melissa Angolano
Career and Job Exploration Specialist
Phone: (401) 734-3440

School Calendar

The Upper School at West Bay Collaborative uses the Warwick Public Schools calendar, found here:

Welcome to West Bay Collaborative Upper School

Here, you’ll find news for students, parents, and community members about the Upper School and its innovative programming.

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