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Virtual and Hybrid Services

 Virtual and Hybrid Services

In order to provide youth and young adults with invaluable career exploration experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Career Development Center (CDC) has adapted current services for virtual delivery and developed new services in conjunction with the Office of Rehabilitation Services (ORS). 

PRE-ETS Virtual Services available include: Virtual Summer Work, Virtual Middle School Career Compass 101, Virtual Early High School Career Compass 201, Virtual Job Exploration Services, Virtual Tri Employment Program, Career Chats, and Virtual Interview Skill Builder.

Out-of-School Young Adult Services can be adapted to accommodate both the individual consumer’s preference/needs and ORS Counselor’s recommendations.


Career Chats

The Career Development Center offers virtual informational interviews and guest speakers in a variety of industries and career pathways.  These interviews are available to students statewide.  Topics covered during presentations include: the realities of working in a particular occupation; assisting students with deciding among different occupations; focusing career goals; discovering careers that students did not know existed; and finding different way to prepare for a particular career.

Virtual Interview Skill Builder

The Career Development Center offers virtual interview preparation workshops for any educational level and classroom group.  Workshops cover the following topics: typical interview questions, creating a “30 second elevator pitch,” appropriate interview attire, body language and nonverbal communication, and virtual vs. in person interviews.  The program culminates with students participating in a mock interview.

Summer Work

 During the Virtual Summer Work Program students participate in work readiness and career exploration workshops that focus on resume writing, application skills, cover letters, interviewing preparation, and critical work behaviors and skills. Students also participate in a variety of informational interviews with employers in a variety of industries in order to increase their career awareness and exposure.

Middle School Career Compass 101 & Early High School Career Compass 201

Career Compass is a series of virtual workshops geared towards increasing career awareness and self-advocacy skills in eighth grade and early high school students with disabilities. Topics covered include: communication skills, team building activities, identifying strengths and abilities, self-advocacy skills, work values, work preferences, and identifying vocational interests.  Workshops are interactive in nature and activities are taught through group discussions, hands-on learning, and team building activities. The program is one day per week, one hour per day for a total of ten weeks.

Virtual Job Exploration

This service provides an opportunity to explore careers and formulate a vocational interest profile.  It consists of a cluster of activities and/or services intended to introduce students to career options post high school.  Job Exploration Services utilize a variety of tools/methods/services such as interest inventories, career awareness, informational interviews, virtual job shadowing, and virtual tours of businesses and training programs.  A variety of online learning platforms and resources are utilized to assist students with career exploration and exposure.  

Virtual Tri Employment Program

The Tri Employment Program is a six month program that provides virtual  work readiness workshops and integrated, paid internships to students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan.  This program is a collaborative effort between the student’s high school, West Bay Collaborative, and ORS. Students attend ten weeks of work readiness workshops that take place one day per week immediately following the end of the school day.  During the workshops students learn about their interests, preferences, strengths/aptitudes, and job seeking skills (e.g. completing applications, resume writing, and interviewing skills). Following the successful completion of work readiness workshops, students complete a ten week, ten hours per week paid internship within their community (dependent upon current RIDOH recommendations/guidelines).

Summer Employment Alliance

The Career Development Center partners with LEA’s and the Office of Rehabilitation Services to provide technical assistance to the school’s Extended School Year (ESY) program where students with significant disabilities are placed in integrated, competitive employment settings throughout the community. The CDC also issues stipends to students who qualify for this programming.

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