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About Us


To provide high-quality, innovative and responsive educational programs, services, and resources to meet the unique needs of its member districts and the greater community.


West Bay Collaborative


West Warwick

The Alternative Learning Program (ALP)

  • Offers services designed to meet the academic, social-emotional and behavioral needs of students referred by their home districts.
  • Transition/vocational component available to all students. 
  • Low teacher-to-student ratio
  • Counseling and other support services are available on an individual basis, as specified in students’ IEPs. 
  • Provides a curriculum that parallels the students’ sending districts’ courses of study.  
  • Students may transition back to their home schools, or remain at the ALP to complete high school coursework.
  • Extended School Year programs are also available


The Credit Accrual / Tutorial Program

  • Provides an opportunity for students to acquire high school credits towards graduation outside of the traditional classroom setting. 
  • Students work independently on completing assigned academic work, receiving guidance and support from certified teachers. 
  • Part-time jobs, internships, or other vocational experiences can be arranged for the balance of the day.  Part-time attendance at CCRI is also an option.


Interim Placement Program
(11th Day Suspension, 45-Day Diagnostic, Etc.)

  • Provides interim instructional program for students who have exceeded ten days of suspension at their home schools, and meets RIDE regulations regarding student suspensions. 
  • Students receive Individualized and/or small group instructional support from staff in their specific grade and course content. 
  • Counseling, substance abuse intervention, testing, or vocational evaluation are available on a fee-for-service basis.


Intensive Transition Program

  • Provides close supervision for students transitioning to adult life in a variety of community-based settings designed to improve each individual’s ability to self-manage and become independent. 
  • Offers supervised visits to employment sites, internships/volunteer work, and training in using public transportation.
  • Offers life skills such as cooking, shopping, budgeting, and other independent living skills, all community-based, and related academics in a structured school setting.


West Bay Regional Transition Center

  • Supports the transition of students with disabilities from school to adult life.
  • Provides transition-related professional development and technical assistance to member district schools, agencies and businesses.
  • Sponsors transition-related workshops for students and families.
  • Partners with the RI Dept. of Ed., ORS, RIPIN, member school districts, and the Sherlock Ctr. on Disabilities at RI College.
  • Maintains a resource library containing transition-related curricula, information and resources.


The RI Transition Academy at CCRI

  • Provides students with disabilities the opportunity to complete their high school program on a college campus, in the community, and in an apartment setting.


The Career Development Project

  • Provides vocational assessment services, career exploration and awareness activities, and career counseling for ORS-eligible students.
  • Offers opportunities for community-based assessment and exploration activities.  
  • Provides work preparation programs, job development and placement, and job coaching services for ORS-eligible individuals who are no longer in school.



  • A new support program for youth who have entered adult services and wish to continue their transition to employment and independent living skill development.
  • COMPASS will help clients develop employment opportunities, and increase independent living skills in their community and at the program’s apartment.


Other Services

Also available through West Bay on an individualized basis:

  • Vocational evaluation
  • Job development
  • Placement
  • Job coaching
  • Physical therapy
  • Individual Instruction/tutoring
  • After-school and ESY programs


Professional Development

West Bay Collaborative is a resource for professional development opportunities for educators and other service providers across the state.  We offer comprehensive pre-employment training and internships that enable individuals to prepare to become Teaching Assistants, as well as advanced training modules for TAs already in the classroom.  For certified staff, we offer a variety of graduate level courses, in conjunction with local colleges and universities, as well as workshops and seminars on topics of interest to our districts.

Please let us know if West Bay may be of help in fulfilling your needs for professional development.


Business Functions

The West Bay Collaborative maintains a professional Business Office, which is able to arrange for group bidding/purchasing of services and supplies.  In the past, services have included the management of insurance and benefits functions, the purchase of fuel oil and paper in bulk, group contracting for school food services, etc. 

West Bay also serves as a fiscal agent for a variety of district and state projects, and provides services utilizing the uniform chart of accounts.  The West Bay Collaborative is available to help meet our districts’ ever-changing fiscal and management needs.

Through West Bay, districts can also access publicly solicited and awarded master agreements through National IPA. Please visit and contact us to learn more.