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Rhode Island Core Skills Partnership

The Core Skills Partnership (CSP)

The Core Skills Partnership serves employers by matching them with Adult Education providers who conduct onsite incumbent workforce education with a curriculum that is customized to the employer’s needs. Not only does the CSP assist businesses in determining the best course of action to up-skill incumbent employees and match them with an expert Adult Education instructor, it also offers a grant opportunity that funds 100% of the training.

Services include high school equivalency (ex. GED) courses, English language classes, computer literacy, Spanish for Managers, and more. CSP staff will work to schedule and tailor the program to the employer’s needs.

The foundation of a company’s success is in its people. Helping employees improve their core skills is an investment that will pay dividends for both you and your workforce!

Work-Site Benefits

  • Increase Productivity & Efficiency
  • Improve Communication with:
    • Supervisors/managers
    • Coworkers
    • Clients/customers
    • Community members
  • Reduce Turnover & Layoffs
  • Increase Safety
  • Reveal Talent/Increase Talent Pool
  • Boost Morale and Confidence
  • Increase Quality Control
  • Maintain Reputation & Client Satisfaction
In this day and age, when customer service is at its thinnest level, when the senses of entitlement and negative attitudes are everywhere, we have the Core Skills Partnership and its Employer Liaison Kathy Gray. Together with Mayerlin Caridad from Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island, the two partnered with Desmark Industries/Amerisewn in providing our employees with on-site Workplace Communication Classes.  When working with this partnership, any potential problem is greeted immediately by a definite solution. Thinking on their feet, following up immediately, and truly caring about each employee participant makes all the difference in the world. Thanks to them, our employees now tell me HR issues themselves in English, without a translator. Their pride is only slightly hidden by the oversized smile on their faces when they successfully communicate in English is priceless.
Lisa Laprade, Human Resources /Office Manager, Desmark Industries/Amerisewn, Cranston, RI

“I did get some feedback from Jean – she says her employees say hi to her in the morning and ask for things they need. They are more willing to try to figure things out with her instead of automatically seeking the help of a translator. I personally chatted with one of the people taking the class, and she was raving about it. Good feedback.”
Ana Hurd, Payroll & Benefits Specialist, The Brickle Group

“We have been very pleased with the staff response to the program as our three participants come to work each day with new vocabulary and a clearer sense of their worth and purpose within the work community.  Being able to communicate directly with our guests enables them to take control of their potential and act as ambassadors for the Hotel, rather than cogs to an ever spinning wheel.”
Aarin Bernard Clemons, General Manager, The Dean Hotel, Providence

“I have seen the English comprehension improve along with vocabulary. We have experienced fewer mistakes due to miscommunication.”

Ben Haringa, Operations Manager of Landscape Creations of Rhode Island, Saunderstown, South Kingstown

Contextualized Curriculum

Class content is customized to the needs of the worksite. Minimum 5 students/class. The CSP recommends for smaller businesses to collaborate with each other to meet minimum class attendance requirements. Workplace Communication Class Curriculums can incorporate content such as:

  • Landscaping
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Workplace Safety
  • Digital Literacy

Virtual Instruction

Available due to Social Distancing:

CSP Response to COVID19 in the News

Critical Core Instruction

Other core skills courses from which all of your employees may benefit include:

  • Computer Literacy
    • Northstar Digital Literacy
    • Microsoft Basics
    • Google Suite for Business
  • Spanish for Managers
  • Shop Math/Numeracy

Additional information can be found here.

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CSP Employer Liaison

The CSP Employer Liaison works with the Employer Host to structure and establish the specifications of the training, including:

  • Identify appropriate adult education provider and coordinating services throughout the training
  • Scheduling a course with up to 100 hours of training delivered onsite at the workplace
  • Support the employer to schedule release & comp time for employee class participation
  • Support the employer to provide meeting space and copier access, Wi-Fi and computer access as needed
  • Provide pre/post training employee information for Participant Outcome Reporting to the GWB
  • Arrange for distance learning, computers, and hotspots if necessary



R.I. Core Skills Partnership Contact

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