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Transitional & Vocational Services

West Bay Collaborative Transition & Vocational Services is a group of unique educational and vocational programs serving youth ages 16+ in the Rhode Island community. We support youth, families, schools, and community agencies in the transition process via career exploration, vocational evaluation and employment services .Our mission is to provide quality, innovative, and individualized programs and resources to guide and support young people from school to successful adult living.

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Transitional & Vocational Services

For more information, please contact:
Therese Curran, Director, at 941-8353 x124.





Hosted by: The RI Regional Transition Coordinators


The College Panel is made up of young men and women who have disabilities that have successfully completed or are currently navigating college. They are available to share with you their personal experiences of accessing college Disability Support Services, the college campus, courses and extra-curricular activities. Find out what college is REALLY like. Listening to the College Panel will help in planning and will give tips to have a positive college experience. The College Panel will be happy to visit your school to provide information to students, teachers and parents.


For more information and to set up a presentation
Contact the Southern Region Transition Coordinator
Kerri Collins:


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