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Consultant & Presenter Services

West Bay Collaborative is a resource for professional development opportunities for educators and other service providers across the state. We offer comprehensive pre-employment training and internships that enable individuals to prepare to become Teaching Assistants, as well as advanced training modules for TAs already in the classroom. For certified staff, we offer a variety of graduate level courses, in conjunction with local colleges and universities, as well as workshops and seminars on topics of interest to our districts.

West Bay Consultant & Presenter Services deliver professional development specific to district needs, either in district or at the Collaborative. Our trainers are all skilled teachers and excellent presenters, and are familiar with the educational environment in Rhode Island.

Amongst the topics offered in recent workshops are: differentiated instruction, project based/inquiry learning, teaching math in the common core, strategies for teaching problem solving, introduction to computers, utilizing technology in the classroom, and others.

Please let us know how we may help fulfill your organization’s professional development needs.

For a sample of our consultant & presenter offerings, please click links below:

Project Based Learning

Best Instructional Practices

Differentiated Instruction