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Grants & Special Projects

The West Bay Collaborative is a non-profit educational service agency and, as such, is able to take on any project or task that is useful and cost effective for its member districts, the education community of Rhode Island as a whole, and/or related agencies and organizations.

In addition to providing direct services to its clients, West Bay currently works in partnership with the Rhode Island Department of Education, the Office of Rehabilitation Services, the Office of Development Disabilities, the STEM Center at Rhode Island College, the Northern Rhode Island and East Bay Collaboratives, the RI Parent Information Network, the RI Adult Education PDC, and other professional entities.

Partnerships may take the form of short-term projects, limited in focus, audience and duration (i.e. training a cohort of individuals for one year), but they may also exist over multiple years, and include other aspects of educational leadership (as for example, our work over the past four years on Race to the Top, assisting the Department of Education).

We are able to hire staff on a short or long term basis, provide benefits and training, office space, clerical and business office services, and evaluation for public and private organizations looking to begin or expand an education-related project. Please contact us if you think we may be able to help you with future projects.