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West Bay’s secondary level Alternative Learning Program serves students in grades 6 – 12 who have been unable to maintain appropriate behavior in their home schools, as well as those whose psychological needs prevent them from attending regularly. Located on Draper Avenue in a Warwick School Department building, this program serves mainly Warwick district students, but also accepts appropriate referrals from across the state. It is designed to be either a short or long-term placement: our aim is to return students to their sending schools as soon as they are able to self-regulate their behavior, but it also serves as a multi-year placement for students who continue to need specialized services in order to fulfill their high school requirements. Students may also enter the program for 45-day diagnostic services, or when they have used up their ten days of suspension in their home schools, for a minimum of a two-week stay.




  • Students are grouped for instruction by age and skill level, not only by grade levels.
  • Instruction is frequently individualized, and includes 1:1 time with licensed teachers.
  • Classes are small, and provide attention to individual students.
  • Curriculum is based on The Common Core, and parallels districts’ requirements.
  • Students graduate with a district diploma, and may take additional years to complete their work if needed.
  • Students who have completed most of their graduation requirements may enroll at CCRI and begin college level work while still at West Bay.
  • Much instruction is multi-disciplinary, with teachers across the subject areas teaching to a common theme, and utilizing hands-on and active learning methods.
  • Students have access to state-of-the-art technology, including laptop computers and iPad tablets.



  • A full-time School Social Worker is available to students and families on a daily basis.
  • All staff provide a consistent message and set of expectations regarding student behaviors.
  • All students participate in the school’s incentives program, and can earn privileges and paid school-based jobs based on their attendance, improved behavior and citizenship.
  • Ensuring student and staff safety is a key part of the environment, and physical restraint is utilized only when that safety is at risk. All staff are trained in Crisis Prevention Intervention techniques.
  • Frequent communication with families and home district personnel creates a connected approach to meeting students’ needs.

 In short, the West Bay Alternative Learning Program provides a safe, therapeutic environment in which each individual student’s academic and social/emotional needs may be addressed.


School Calendar

Our Secondary Alternative School program at Draper Ave follows the Warwick Public Schools calendar.  To view or print, click here.


Intensive Transition Program

In addition to the school-based alternative program described above, West Bay also offers an Intensive Transition Program, designed to teach life skills, pre-employment skills, and academics tied to daily living needs. The students who are enrolled in the program by their districts are unlikely to attain a district diploma, and need intensive community-based experiences in order to become independent adults.

Students begin the day at the ALP programs, but spend most of their time out in the community, performing service learning tasks at a variety of non-profit organizations, learning about various kinds of work, and practicing the interpersonal skills that will make them employable.

The staff to student ratio in this program is 1:2, and students may be enrolled for one or several years. IEP goals are addressed through a variety of activities and experiences, and academics are tied to students’ needs in their daily lives. This program is, to the best of our knowledge, the only one like it in the state at this time, and has proven highly successful at renewing disaffected students’ interest in learning, greatly improving attendance, and providing much-needed community-based experiences for a unique population.

For information on either of these secondary programs (grades 6-12), please contact Maryann Struble, Executive Director at 401-941-8353 Ext. 102. District personnel are always welcome to schedule a visit.