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West Bay's Horton School

West Bay’s Horton School is an alternative elementary school program for students grades K-6 who require a highly structured, supportive, and therapeutic environment to achieve their greatest potential of academic success. The main goal of the Horton School is to assist students in acquiring the necessary skills to manage their emotional and behavioral needs in order to be independently successful within their homes, communities, and least restrictive educational environments.



The Horton SchoolThe Horton School is a highly structured educational setting utilizing a variety of strategies to meet the needs of the individual students.

Meeting and addressing a student’s emotional needs:

  • Providing safety, stability, and structure
  • Teaching responsibility for actions
  • Building self-esteem
  • Providing individual and group counseling as per IEP


Promoting successful school achievement:

  • The Horton SchoolSmall group structured instruction
  • Incentive strategies
  • High interest learning activities
  • Use of technology for motivation and learning
  • Planning based on individual learning styles
  • Utilizing developmentally appropriate curriculum


Teaching strategies to manage, cope, and control student’s behavior:

  • Accountability for one’s behavior
  • Crisis Prevention Intervention and support methods
  • Positive praise and reinforcements
  • Relationship building
  • Practice daily living skills
  • Daily point sheets
  • Daily goal setting


School Calendar

Our Elementary Alternative School program at the Horton School follows the Cranston Public Schools calendar.  To view or print, click here.



The Horton School staff is lead by a certified special education administrator, and includes special education teachers, behavioral teacher assistants, a social worker, and a nurse. The Horton School works in collaboration with Cranston Public schools as an integrated team to provide the necessary student services to support successful learning and growth.



 The Importance of Routines


Did you know sounding like a broken record can be helpful for your child? Even though you may sound like you are stuck on repeat, when you stick to routines and repeat requests consistently, you’re helping your child develop useful habits that make tasks become automatic.  Routines at school help classrooms remain organized, and let children know what is important.  Routines at home let children know what is important to your family. An organized and predictable home environment helps children feel safe and secure.  Daily routines help set our body clocks – for example, bedtime routines help children’s bodies to ‘know’ when it’s time to sleep.  Some children need routine more than others.  A child’s temperament plays a significant role in how he or she responds to routine or the lack of it. Some easygoing children can go with the flow, and quickly adapt to a changing environment. Other children are more sensitive, and more easily upset and unsettled by changes to their daily patterns.  Here are some routines you may want to consider:

·   Getting ready in the morning

·   Going to bed at night

·   Eating meals

·   Hygiene and health – for example, brushing teeth, washing hands

·   Using family electronics like the computer and telephone

·   Homework

·   Quiet time each evening

·   Hobbies

·   Sports/exercise

As September quickly passes, consider establishing routines for the new school year.




For additional information, please contact:

Bill Cauley 
Director of Special Education
Phone: (401) 270-8588                       Cell:  (401) 477-4399
Fax: (401) 270-8429




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