RI Transition Academy at CCRI, May 2014

 The month of May was a very busy month for the Academy. Each year, as we begin to wind down the year, we try to increase our students’ awareness of the real world.  Students present their personal wiki sites at their year-end meetings, highlighting each individual’s year at the Transition Academy, and combining their resumes with their internship experiences as well as community participation. Each student did a fantastic job presenting.  Students of Transition Academy worked very hard throughout the month of May preparing for their big presentation at the Dare to Dream Conference at the University of RI. The students’ presentation topic was Healthy Lifestyles. The students explained the four areas of a healthy lifestyle in a PowerPoint presentation along with a fun interactive game about sugar content in popular drinks. They finished off with a helpful tracking chart handout for others to monitor their healthy lifestyle progress.  The day was very fulfilling for the students. They attended sessions of their interests and also were inspired by the keynote speaker Rohan Murphy and an interpretative dance presentation by Lida Winfield.  Below is an article written by Nicholas about another exciting activity the Academy participated in this past month.   AT&T   - Nicholas H.On Wednesday, May 7, 2014, the Rhode Island Transition Academy went to AT&T at the Warwick Mall to do a career day exploration where they taught us how to greet customers, what types of jobs there are within the company, why not to text while driving, and resume building. While there we talked to a variety of people ranging from corporate to managers of different stores. At the first station they talked about the way to sell products to the customers: greet them right away and be professional while greeting them. The second station was talking about corporate positions and what types of jobs you can have. The third station was a driving simulator where you had to drive while texting. The fourth and final station was talking about resume building and how to dress appropriately for an interview.Then, when everything was done and over with, we got to test out some of the products that are sold at the store.  We then went to the food court and had some pizza that the people at AT&T bought for us. The experience was a good one in the respect that we learned about all different jobs and got some extra hands-on experience as well.  They made the day more fun as we role-played different situations and made a lot progress with what we might want to do in the future as a job. A great ending to our day was the manager of AT & T gave us a pizza lunch which was delicious. 

June 23, 2014 - 3:12pm